(Download free ebook) Global Capitalism in Disarray: Inequality, Debt, and Austerity

(Download free ebook) Global Capitalism in Disarray: Inequality, Debt, and Austerity

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Global Capitalism in Disarray: Inequality, Debt, and Austerity

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Author : Andres Solimano
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Description : Global capitalism is affected by the malaises of stagnation, financial fragility, increased income inequality, growing wealth concentration at the top, and a vanishing fair social contract. This book focuses on the incidence of these phenomena in the US, UK, Greece, Spain, Chile, South Africa, Australia, China, and other countries. The book looks at the effects of IMF-ECB led austerity policies in Europe. The book examines concrete country and global conditions combining theory, country studies, historical evidence, and international comparative analysis. The book also proposes new policy priorities to restore stability, reduce inequality, and consolidate democracy in 21st century capitalism.

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