(Read download) Selling The Cow: strategic principles for selling technology

(Read download) Selling The Cow: strategic principles for selling technology

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Selling The Cow: strategic principles for selling technology

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Author : D.W. Small
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Description : Based on Graetz’s model that strategic thinking is “to seek innovation and imagine new and very different futures that lead to redefining of strategy”, Selling The Cow takes a look at the parable of Jack and The Bean Stalk as the archetype for leading edge development projects.This book takes time to identify some of the illustrative concepts concerning this parable in an exploratory manner. Such as the demanding mothers need for food as the primary stakeholder, this book details the transcendent decision which this young inexperienced man makes to sell the cow based on current market factors which he observes firsthand.Making metaphorical comparisons such as the unobserved history of why Jack and his mother were struggling in the first place, to the final outcome, Selling The Cow uses a novel concept to introduce the need for strategic thinking in organizations.

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