(Read download) Routledge Revivals: Economics for Beginners (1921)

(Read download) Routledge Revivals: Economics for Beginners (1921)

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Routledge Revivals: Economics for Beginners (1921)

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Author : M.C. Buer
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Description : First published in 1921, this book is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of economics to beginners, with only the more intricate and controversial subjects mdash; such as economic rent mdash; being omitted for the sake of clarity. The subject is dealt with as concretely as possible with extensive descriptions and examples provided to further elucidate the subject while avoiding unnecessary technicalities. The arrangement of the material is based on the authorrsquo;s experience of teaching economics and postpones the more difficult elements to the end of the book in order to provide a more thorough grounding in the essentials before introducing them to the reader.

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