[Read ebook] Ladders Trampolines: Anecdotes And Observations From A Contemporary Young African Marketer

[Read ebook] Ladders  Trampolines: Anecdotes And Observations From A Contemporary Young African Marketer

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Ladders Trampolines: Anecdotes And Observations From A Contemporary Young African Marketer

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Author : Musa Kalenga
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Description : Dynamic young business marketer and strategist Musa Kalenga introduces us to Ladders and Trampolines, his model for how to be effective in the competitive arena of contemporary marketing.The concept of a Ladder Mentality versus a Trampoline Mentality is a simple one. The step-by-step Ladder approach leads to incremental growth, which may be somewhat slow. However, the Trampoline approach, while using the same energy as climbing a ladder, produces exponential results. The world has changed and marketing as a discipline has evolved; to get the full value of todayrsquo;s ecosystem you have to seek out the trampolines. Trampoline thinking has been made possible by technology, access to information, and the globalisation of our society.But Musarsquo;s model is not applicable in business contexts only: for many young people it will be a powerful tool to help frame success, set more ambitious goals and dream beyond social and mental constraints. As both a change agent in his industry and in the digital arena, for the first time, Musa candidly shares his experiences in both the business world and in his personal life, in the process imparting knowledge that is both practical and insightful. Himself the embodiment of a new breed of African youth who are not waiting for Africa to deliver but are actively shaping the future they want, he extends a challenge to others to take up the mantle and become leaders who can turn any scenario into a trampoline opportunity.Ladders and Trampolines is an honest account of experiences that encourages thinking big, dreaming broad and having exponential impact.Explore, embrace and hunt for those trampolines!

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