[Mobile pdf] Global Strategic Engagement: States and Non-State Actors in Global Governance

[Mobile pdf] Global Strategic Engagement: States and Non-State Actors in Global Governance

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Global Strategic Engagement: States and Non-State Actors in Global Governance

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Author : Raffaele Marchetti
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Description : Global Strategic Engagement analyzes the changes brought about in global politics by the phenomenon of globalization in the last thirty years. The primary point of view of the text is the micro-perspective of the new practitioners of global governance: international public officers, transnational activists, global entrepreneurs, and world leaders.The novelty of the book derives from its two outputs: a micro description of the new way of playing the political game in the age of globalization, and a constructivist mapping of the current political terrain which is centered on the identification of the new references of contemporary politics beyond the traditional cleavage left vs. right.

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