(Mobile ebook) Shale Oil and Gas Handbook: Theory, Technologies, and Challenges

(Mobile ebook) Shale Oil and Gas Handbook: Theory, Technologies, and Challenges

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Shale Oil and Gas Handbook: Theory, Technologies, and Challenges

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Author : Sohrab Zendehboudi, Alireza Bahadori
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Description : Shale Oil and Gas Handbook: Theory, Technologies, and Challenges provides users with information on how shale oil and gas exploration has revolutionized todayrsquo;s energy industry. As activity has boomed and job growth continues to increase, training in this area for new and experienced engineers is essential. This book provides comprehensive information on both the engineering design and research aspects of this emerging industry. Covering the full spectrum of basic definitions, characteristics, drilling techniques, and processing and extraction technologies, the book is a great starting point to educate oil and gas personnel on todayrsquo;s shale industry. Critical topics covered include characterization of shale gas, theory and methods, typical costs, and obstacles for exploration and drilling, RD and technology development in shale production, EOR methods in shale oil reservoirs, and the current status and impending challenges for shale oil and gas, including the inevitable future prospects relating to worldwide development. Reveals all the basic information needed to quickly understand todayrsquo;s shale oil and gas industry, including advantages and disadvantages, equipment and costs, flow diagrams, and processing stagesEvenly distributes coverage between oil and gas into two parts, as well as upstream and downstream contentProvides a practical handbook with real-world case studies and problem examples, including formulas and calculations

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