[Download] From Seva to Cyberspace: The Many Faces of Volunteering in India

[Download] From Seva to Cyberspace: The Many Faces of Volunteering in India

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From Seva to Cyberspace: The Many Faces of Volunteering in India

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Author : Femida Handy, Meenaz Kassam, Sharjah Jillian Ingold, Bhagyashree Ranade
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Description : From Seva to Cyberspace examines the phenomenon of volunteering in India from its earliest instances to present-day manifestations. Tracing the origins of voluntary action in India, the authors examine the historic, religious, and cultural traditions of Seva (direct service to others) that have played an important role in inspiring Indians toward voluntary action. The book defines the volunteer and discusses the methods of measuring the value of volunteer labor to NGOs. It includes a detailed discussion of the particular contributions of the oldest and youngest volunteers in India. The distinctive motivations and contributions of those with a religious inspiration for voluntary action are explored at length, as are the important issues of service clubs and corporate support for volunteer activities. A unique feature of the book is that it is enriched with narratives and case studies of individuals and organizations that throw light on specific aspects of volunteerism in the Indian context.The book concludes by taking a look at new trends and the strong continuing traditions that inspire modern volunteers to offer their time and talents in the service of society.

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