[Read ebook] Campus HR Interview Questions with Smart Answers: Fourth Eye of HR Managers

[Read ebook] Campus HR Interview Questions with Smart Answers: Fourth Eye of HR Managers

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Campus HR Interview Questions with Smart Answers: Fourth Eye of HR Managers

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Author : Anant Kumar Dass
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Description : The book is written for students of universities, colleges, and institutes pursuing their academic or professional education, either as regular students or through distance education, and will be appearing for interview for any type of jobs, either in Government institutions or in private companies, including Multinational Companies (MNCs). It will also help those preparing for interviews for admission in top management institutes, and business schools for MBA, MCA, B.Tech., etc. The book is the result of the authorrsquo;s academic interaction with teachers, postgraduate students, and practicing executives and managers from all the fields of management and engineering. It aims to provide knowledge of soft skills, GD skills, interview tips, and general know-how to aspirants of lucrative positions in management and other fields. The book is based on the following simple rules of HR Interview: 1. Educate, 2. Encourage, 3. Motivate, 4. Never discourage, 5. Inspire, 6. Ignite, and 7. Develop team. Other features of the book are, emphasis on clarity and a simple, down-to-earth style; smart answers to all the questions; tips and tricks at the end of the questions as and when required; and inclusion of all possible questions-answers for appearing in interviews.

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