[Online library] Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance

[Online library] Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance

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Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Techniques for Developing Learning and Performance

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Author : Eric Parsloe, Melville Leedham
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Description : Over the last 15 years, Coaching and Mentoring has become the go-to guide for anyone looking to develop their coaching and mentoring skills at individual, team or organizational level. Clear and accessible, it uses practical tools and best practice to demonstrate how to relate theoretical models to specific situations to gain real benefits. It provides strategies that can be applied to any situation, including life coaching, business coaching and community mentoring.Now in its 3rd edition, Coaching and Mentoring has been fully updated to cover the latest thinking and developments in this area including extended coverage of coaching supervision. There is also now a brand new section on practical applications of coaching and mentoring for organizations which includes advice on how to align coaching and mentoring strategies to overall business goals and how to provide evidence for its transformational impact on employee performance. Full of practical advice, case studies and examples, this comprehensive guide will be of value to everyone involved in any aspect coaching and mentoring.

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