[Get free] Brand Protection in the Online World: A Comprehensive Guide

[Get free] Brand Protection in the Online World: A Comprehensive Guide

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Brand Protection in the Online World: A Comprehensive Guide

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Author : David N. Barnett
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Description : The growth of the Internet has had a profound effect on the way business is carried out, and has provided an unprecedented opportunity for third-party individuals and organisations to attack brands with relative ease. These changes have resulted in the birth of a significant and rapidly-growing new industry: that of online brand protection, consisting of specialist service providers which can be employed by brand owners to monitor and prevent potential attacks on their brand. Brand Protection in the Online World explains the full scope of Internet infringement, and associated monitoring and enforcement options that are most relevant to brand owners and managers. Covering crucial topics such as brand abuse, counterfeiting, fraud, digital piracy and more, Brand Protection in the Online World provides a clear and in-depth exploration of the importance of, and ideas behind, the brand-protection industry.

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