(Ebook pdf) Foundations of Decision Support Systems (Operations research and industrial engineering)

(Ebook pdf) Foundations of Decision Support Systems (Operations research and industrial engineering)

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Foundations of Decision Support Systems (Operations research and industrial engineering)

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Author : Robert H. Bonczek, Clyde W. Holsapple, Andrew B. Whinston
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Description : Foundations of Decision Support Systems focuses on the frameworks, strategies, and techniques involved in decision support systems (DSS). The publication first takes a look at information processing, decision making, and decision support; frameworks for organizational information processing and decision making; and representative decision support systems. Discussions focus on classification scheme for DSS, abilities required for decision making, division of information-processing labor within an organization, and decision support. The text then elaborates on ideas in decision support, formalizations of purposive systems, and conceptual and operational constructs for building a data base knowledge system.The book takes a look at building a data base knowledge system, language systems for data base knowledge systems, and problem-processing systems for data base knowledge systems. Topics include problem processors for computationally oriented DSS, major varieties of logical data structures, and indirect associations among concepts. The manuscript also examines operationalizing modeling knowledge in terms of predicate calculus; combining the data base and formal logic approaches; and the language and knowledge systems of a DSS based on formal logic. The publication is a valuable reference for researchers interested in decision support systems.

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