(Download pdf ebook) Advanced Strategic Management: A Multi-Perspective Approach

(Download pdf ebook) Advanced Strategic Management: A Multi-Perspective Approach

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Advanced Strategic Management: A Multi-Perspective Approach

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Author : Veronique Ambrosini, Mark Jenkins, Nardine Collier
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Description : Strategic management is concerned with the managerial decisions, processes and activities that allow the creation and implementation of a strategy. Advanced Strategic Management adopts a multi-perspective approach to evaluate and challenge assumptions about what strategy is concerned with, and thus strengthen your understanding of strategic management. This new third edition weaves together theoretical debate and practical insights to enrich the way in which strategy is both viewed and enacted. Written by leading experts, it provides detailed analysis of the multi-dimensional nature of strategic management, supported by empirical real-world examples and an in-depth final case study. It covers a number of unique perspectives, ranging from military strategy to transaction cost economics and from behavioural strategy to critical management, all of which offer a valuable understanding of the fundamental strategy questions. The new edition features: – Contributions from leading experts in the field. – Fully revised and updated content throughout. – A new detailed introduction and conclusion which link together the ideas and different perspectives throughout the book.This is an engaging and challenging resource, perfect for undergraduate and postgraduate students taking strategy courses.

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