[DOWNLOAD] Elmer Wheelerrsquo;s Tested Public Speaking [Second Edition]

[DOWNLOAD] Elmer Wheelerrsquo;s Tested Public Speaking [Second Edition]

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Elmer Wheelerrsquo;s Tested Public Speaking [Second Edition]

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Author : Elmer Wheeler
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Description : Originally published in 1947, this is the Second Edition of ldquo;Elmer Wheelerrsquo;s Tested Public Speakingrdquo; (1939). Brought up to date, it incorporates revised material based on Wheelerrsquo;s further vast experience acquired in the course of giving 2,798 additional speeches since the publication of the first edition in 1939. It also includes his talk, ldquo;Take an Hour to Say No,rdquo; which at the time of this 1947 publication had been reprinted over a record 7 million times.ldquo;As usual, Elmer Wheeler has based this book not on fancy, academic rules, but rather on his own practical experience as an outstanding speaker in his own right.rdquo;

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