(Download) Building Digital Culture: A Practical Guide to Successful Digital Transformation

(Download) Building Digital Culture: A Practical Guide to Successful Digital Transformation

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Building Digital Culture: A Practical Guide to Successful Digital Transformation

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Author : Daniel Rowles, Thomas Brown
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Description : Building Digital Culture aims to answer a simple question: How can organisations succeed when the environment they operate in is changing so quickly? The last thing businesses need today is a digital strategy. Instead, their strategy needs to be fit for our fast-changing digital world, where businesses have more data than they know what to do with, a media landscape that’s exploded in size and complexity, the risk of a new disruption around every corner, and only one certainty: that this change won’t let up.Building Digital Culture doesn’t address whether or not you should advertise on Facebook or invest in virtual reality. It doesn’t seek to unearth a silver bullet to make digital investments a sure-thing. It steps back from the hype, and argues that whatever digital might mean for your business, if you don’t create a digital culture you’ll most likely fail, or at least fall short of what you want to achieve.Daniel Rowles and Thomas Brown combine more than 30 years of experience at the forefront of marketing and digital developments to help you to navigate from being a business that tolerates or acts digital, to one that truly is digital.Building Digital Culture is based on more than 200 hours of research, candid interviews and contributions from senior leaders at a diverse range of brands including Twitter, Made.com, Deloitte, HSBC, Ladbrokes, Direct Line Group, Barclays, The Metropolitan Police, RSA Insurance and many more.

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