[Mobile library] SAP FICO (Covers SAP ECC 6.0) Black Book

[Mobile library] SAP FICO (Covers SAP ECC 6.0) Black Book

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SAP FICO (Covers SAP ECC 6.0) Black Book

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Author : Bhushan Jairamdas Mamtani
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Description : This book, SAP FICO Black Book, brings to you a simple to the point non-technical jargon free discussion on SAP FICO along with comprehensive real life examples based on authors real life implementations. One of the first FICO books which cover business cycles rather than plain technical configuration. Targeting intermediate and advanced-level readers, this book discusses Implementation Tools; Enterprise Structure; New GL Configuration; Online Document Splitting; AR; AP; AA; Bank accounting; Integration of FI with Other Modules; Business Processes; Controlling; Cost Center Accounting; Product Costing; Material Ledger Configuration and Profit Center Accounting.

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